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180gr./Music By Henry Mancini

Henry Mancini produced the score for the Howard Hawks-directed, John Wayne- starring safari comedy Hatari! which included the well-known "Baby Elephant Walk". This is at first a fun blend of Jazz and Afro-exotica, jungle drums mixed with a classic bop combo. The soundtrack opts for some pleasant, but very Western Jazz, only stopping for the African instrument-sampler "The Sounds of Hatari," which features some nice treated piano.

1. Theme From "Hatari!"
2. Baby Elephant Walk
3. Just For Tonight
4. Your Father's Feathers
5. Night Side
6. Big Band Bwana
7. The Sounds of Hatari
8. The Soft Touch
9. Crocodile, Go Home!

Editeur : Music On Vinyl
Nombre de disque : 1
Pays : Etats-Unis