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A1 7 Years From Now
A2 Aphids
A3 Swallowed Up In Victory
A4 Strawberry Pie
A5 The Dark World Where I Dwell
A6 Sex, Beer, And Pills
A7 A Farm Near The Mountains
A8 Bug-Bite Squared
A9 Pose As A Nark
A10 Do You Like Cats?
A11 A Scanner Darkly
A12 Abrasocaine
B1 Part Of The Plan
B2 Are You Expereriencing Any Difficultiess?
B3 Your Move, Peterbilt
B4 Room 203
B5 Escorted To The Bright Lights
B6 You'll See The Way You Saw Before
B7 A New Path
B8 Little Blue Flowers
B9 Darkly Mix
B10 Call Sign / Aleph

Editeur : Sacred Bones Records
Nombre de disque : 1
Pays : Etats-Unis