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The Red Lantern
24.90 €

The Red Lantern (La lanterne rouge) raconte l'histoire d'une héroïne eurasienne « Jeanne d'Arcienne », sur fond de la Révolte des Boxers de 1900.

Suppléments :
livre 208 pages en anglais

- A new soundscape, created by Yves De Mey
- a recreated cue sheet soundtrack for piano, based on a music cue sheet by S.M. Berg (1919)
- theme for Mahlee 'A Japanese Sunset'

Chinese Programme
- Overture 'The Red Lantern - (Shine on Red Lantern)'
- stage presentation The Flower of the Palace of Han
- travel film A Trip Through China
- prologue 'Poor Butterfly'
- feature film The Red Lantern
- orchestral performance 'A Chinese Honeymoon (selection)'
- comedy The Chinaman
- organalogue 'Torchlight March' and 'Chinoiserie'

Boxer War Novelties
- Bombardment of a Port
- Bombardment of Taku Forts, by the Allied fleets
- Attack on a Mission Station
- Beheading a Chinese Boxer
- Beheading the Chinese Prisoner
- Chinese Massacring Christians
- 15th Infantry Leaving Governors Island for China (Boxer Uprising) 1900
- 6th Cavalry Assaulting South Gate of Pekin
- The Forbidden City
- Charge by 1st Bengal Lancers
- The Bengal Lancers
- 4th Ghorkas
Nazimova Extras
- Nazimova Screen Test: Madame Peacock
- Nazimova Newsreel Clippings: Nazimova, the famous actress, in a dance of her own creation
- the original expression on her mobile face
- Nazimova Odes: 'Beauté Suprême' - 'Alla' - 'Pahjamah'
Type : Fiction : Drame
Zone : 0 (Region Free)
Durée : 70 mn
VO : Muet
Sous titres : Anglais
Editeur : Cinematek
Nombre de disque : 1
Pays : Etats-Unis
Acteurs : Noah Beery , Alla Nazimova